Our digital loyalty program is super easy to setup in-store and even easier for customers to use. Unlike most digital loyalty programs we do not need to install hardware in-store, nor is it necessary for customers to download an app to use our digital loyalty cards. Customers just tap their phone to a smart poster to download a loyalty card to the digital wallet stored within their phone.

Similar to swipe cards and printed stamp cards, every time a customer makes a purchase, retail staff update the customer’s digital loyalty card. In fact, in comparison to printed & swipe cards, digital loyalty cards are never lost or torn and can be distributed to customers in-store and via social media, email and SMS.

Our digital loyalty cards also give retailers the ability to send offers & promotions directly to consumers’ phones when and where they want. For example a push notification automatically appears on the locked screen of the phone when the consumer is in close proximity to the store and store owners can send push notifications from our client dashboard.

If you would like a demo of our technology or require a quotation for your business please register your interest here.