Imagine a little voice shouting in a noisy room full of people. This is your business’s voice online. Almost every company, big or small, has some sort of web presence, and everybody is competing for attention among their target markets. It is often impossible to understand where to find, reach and attract new customers without research and analysis.

At Shadow Marketing, strategic thinking is at the foundation of everything we build. Through face to face meetings we build a core understanding of your business’ needs which gives us a base to go through an extensive process of analysis that involves a revision of your online presence and capabilities, identifying opportunities, creating strategies and actions to execute, and defining how to measure the performance of all online marketing activities.

The result of all of this is presented in a Lean Marketing Strategy, a short all-inclusive document that summarises our strategic thinking for your business. The Lean Strategy will be used to achieve the goals we have set for your business and as it is a dynamic document it is continuously modified to reflect campaign results on an ongoing basis, ensuring your voice is heard by exactly who you want to reach within the room.

Based in the Waterford Fumbally Exchange, we are delighted to work with clients ranging from small to medium located both locally and across the country. If you want to arrange an initial ‘get to know you’ meeting, please contact us via