Through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Beacons – proximity marketing Ireland, the mobile marketing arm of Shadow Marketing enables brick and mortar businesses to send very user-friendly content to the mobile devices of consumers who are in close proximity to a business, reaching them when they are most likely to buy.

Beacon & WiFi marketing is fast becoming an important tool to drive traffic and sales for retailers who often use these technologies to distribute digital loyalty cards & digital discount coupons into customers smart phone via their (factory installed) digital wallet apps.

Our digital wallet solution includes both digital loyalty & discount cards, giving businesses the chance to reward consumers in an innovative way and giving them a method of reaching consumers with promotions while in-store or in close proximity to the business. For consumers, it means flexibility and comfort because they can get rid of those extra cards that make their wallet look bulky and never loose a loyalty card again.

We also provide Social WiFi, a clever WiFi hot-spot technology that has helped thousands of retailers in Ireland and overseas to grow their audiences on social media. Found mostly in cafes, bars, restaurant, hotels and barbers/hairdressers, Social WiFi allows users to connect to the venue’s WiFi for free using their Facebook/Twitter log in and then by liking/following the company’s profile they receive in return total access to the web.

If you are interested in trialing any of Proximity Marketing Ireland’s innovative technologies, please drop us a line. We will work closely with you to build a bespoke proximity marketing solution that will reward loyal customers for promoting your brand to their own social network.